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Headquartered directly across the street from the Capitol complex, we are a full-service government affairs team — with a strong presence among Democrats and Republicans alike — that has achieved success for our clients in some of the most contentious and heavily-lobbied issues in recent years at the State House.

Each of our principals has had a daily presence in the State House for almost the last 15 years. We have occupied high level staff positions in the legislative and executive branches, working for both political parties. Since then, we have leveraged that experience to further the public policy goals of major players in the manufacturing, energy, health care, telecommunications, casino gaming, personal care products and hospitality industries.

We lobby the Legislature and the executive branch of government to defend the interests of the businesses and trade associations that we represent. This includes:

• Monitoring the introduction of all legislative documents;
• Closely tracking committee schedules for public hearings and work sessions;
• Drafting legislation and amendments;
• Testifying before legislative committees;
• Working with legislators during floor debates and votes; and,
• Lobbying the Governor’s Office so that our clients’ interests are known in advance of a bill arriving on the Governor’s desk.

We take pride in keeping our clients fully apprised of our progress throughout the legislative process. Rather than aspiring for the most work, we focus on serving a relatively small and fully-manageable portfolio of clients. This allows for each of our clients to be treated as a priority – because they are. It also enables us to provide high-quality service in a cost-effective manner, while also ensuring that our clients are serviced by one or both of our experienced principals at all times.


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