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Charting A New Course For Maine Students

With Maine high school dropout rates on the rise, a Maine-based grassroots organization advocating for more options in public education looked to Mahoney Jackson to spearhead a lobbying effort to allow public charter schools to open across the state. Charter schools are public schools that utilize alternative curriculum, schedules and teaching methodologies in an effort to reach those students who struggle in the traditional classroom setting. Schools that implement expeditionary learning, or that focus on a specific industry like agriculture or marine studies, are just a few of the charter school models that have helped hundreds of thousands of students nationwide.

In Maine, despite several past attempts to pass charter school legislation, Maine for years remained one of only nine states nationally that prohibited charter schools, due largely to the lobbying efforts of Maine’s formidable teachers’ and superintendents’ unions.

Working in collaboration with the Administration and the Commissioner of the Maine Department of Education, Mahoney Jackson helped to reverse past history with the passage of L.D. 1553, An Act to Create a Public Charter School Program in Maine. Maine’s legislation has since been recognized by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools as the #1 ranked charter school law in the United States.

Profile: Mike Mahoney

Mike focuses his practice on ensuring that clients’ vital business interests are protected when the Maine legislative and executive branches are at work. He assists local and national companies attempting to positively impact public policy.

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