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  • Legislative Lobbying

    Mahoney Jackson offers clients a constant, conspicuous presence at the State House. We closely monitor the daily activities of the Maine Senate, House and relevant policy committees to ensure that our clients are informed and protected at all times. We have a number of strategies for engaging legislators and other key stakeholders to effectively advocate our clients’ perspectives.

    During the legislative committee process, Mahoney Jackson can craft and deliver client testimony at the public hearing and then work closely with committee members, staff and other interested parties to help ensure a favorable committee vote. Finally, for those highly-contentious matters that cannot be resolved at the committee level, Mahoney Jackson has the resources and bi-partisan reach to execute a full-scale lobbying campaign on the floors of the Maine House and Senate.

    For those clients seeking to introduce legislation, Mahoney Jackson regularly drafts legislative language and facilitates its introduction during the session. Whether it’s a single, discrete legislative project or an ongoing legislative presence that the client expects, we have the skills and experience necessary to ensure that those expectations are routinely met, and even exceeded.

  • Executive Branch

    Along with the Legislature, Maine’s Executive Branch is a major driver of public policy at the state level. At Mahoney Jackson, we recognize that clients’ interests are impacted as much by state agencies’ implementation of legislative policy as they are by the Legislature itself.

    Mahoney Jackson has a strong record of working with the Governor’s Office and senior agency officials to ensure that our clients’ voices are heard. Among other things, we represent our clients’ interests during the agency rulemaking process – first working with our clients to assess the impact of proposed rules on their businesses, and then preparing oral and written comments on the rules for the agency’s consideration. Outside of formal rules making, we frequently serve as a liaison between our clients and the agencies that regulate them.

  • Procurement Strategies

    For many industries, state government is not only a regulator, but also a potential customer. Each year, tens of millions of dollars in state contracts are awarded by the State, most often under the State’s competitive bid laws. Mahoney Jackson is well-versed in this process and regularly assists clients seeking to do business with the State.

    Responsibilities may include introducing our client to key players in state government, as well as other interested stakeholders. We also advise clients throughout the formal procurement process so that they are well-positioned to be awarded the contract from the state.

Profile: Chris Jackson

Chris began operating as a contract lobbyist in 2011, after serving for several years as a lobbyist for the Maine State Chamber of Commerce, where he represented the state’s largest and most influential business group before the Legislature and Executive Branch.

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Profile: Mike Mahoney

Mike focuses his practice on ensuring that clients’ vital business interests are protected when the Maine legislative and executive branches are at work. He assists local and national companies attempting to positively impact public policy.

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